Manual Jailing the Johnston Gang: Bringing Serial Murderers to Justice

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Wordery offers Free Delivery on all UK orders, and competitively priced international delivery. Norman was the youngest of the three Johnston brothers.

Bruce Johnston Sr. Norman was more of the follower of the three and did as his older brothers said. Bruce, as the eldest, was in charge for the most part.

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I always thought David was the smartest and most certainly the most ruthless. Do you think the movie is accurate?

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The movie is accurate in parts but it is most definitely Hollywoodized. Some of the scenes are composite accounts of several incidents and some of the scenes never took place. Also, Bruce Johnston Jr. To discover that such a ruthless, Cos My father passed on a copy of this to me that he had borrowed from my uncle. To discover that such a ruthless, Cosa Nostra-like organization operated in farm country. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the book to someone who does not have local connections.

The author, Bruce Mowday, is a local newspaperman who covered the story back when it was occurring. He writes the entire page book as if it were a newspaper article and needs to present just the facts, in as few words as possible, and in a manner comprehensible to someone at a sixth grade reading level. I do not expect that nonfiction be written like literature, but this book has no sense of style at all. Mowday is most concerned with demonstrating the effectiveness of cooperation between multiple law enforcement organizations, but this means that there are scores of characters: three criminal masterminds, more than a dozen associates, several fences, multiple victims, FBI officers, Pennsylvania state troopers, Maryland state troopers, local policemen and sheriffs from multiple local jurisdictions, attorneys representing the nation, state, and counties, multiple judges, at least half a dozen defense attorneys, several reporters, and myriad witnesses.

Keeping track of their individual identities is impossible.

Jailing the Johnston Gang : Bringing Serial Murderers to Justice

Jan 17, Gwen Greer rated it it was amazing. Having lived in southern Pa all my life , back in the 70's this family was in the local news weekly. If anyone has seen the movie At Close Range based upon this book it certainly does not do the book justice, which happens with most made for TV movies based on a book.

The movie shed some light onto the Johnston family, but if you want the real story read this book. Excellent in depth read with photos. Jan 03, Tara rated it it was ok.

Chester County Historical Society

The details are very interesting, I just felt like the book jumped around a lot. It is more a telling of the facts than the story start to finish. The facts of one crime may be repeated three different times throughout the book for example. However it is overall a very interesting gang and it was local for me that is why I read it.

Dec 17, Missy McNaney rated it liked it. Having grown up in Kennett Square when the Johnston Brothers and their gang burglarized, assaulted, threatened and killed as many as 10 people, this account of their eventual capture and imprisonment brought back many memories for me, especially the ambush and killing of two Kennet Square police officers in Nov I recommend thus book to any Chester County native.

Dec 13, Ronnie Cramer rated it did not like it. This book about the s prosecution of a Pennsylvania crime family is long on police PR and short on detail. Since it's only about the last days of the gang, reading it feels like you've walked into the theater when the movie's almost over.

Bruce Johnston (criminal) - Wikipedia

Aug 07, Martha rated it liked it. I enjoyed this - saw the author speak about it. It's about local bad guys Chester County which held the interest for me.

Good story, but toooo many names to keep up with - think it might have been better told in a sequence that was easier to follow. May 16, Lenny rated it liked it. Good accounting of the trial and exploits of the Johnston's. Not the family you would want to live next door to. Jennifer Mason rated it really liked it Jan 07,